What to expect during a dental visit

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jill-marinMost people have a fear of going to the dentist mainly because of the scary-looking tools at his workstation and because you usually don’t know what’s going to happen. The only thing that you are expecting is that somehow you will be getting hurt. But that is not true. A trip to the dentist is very reliable and predictable, that is if you don’t have any serious dental problems.

What to expect at the dentist

Your medical history
If you are going to a new dentist, the first thing you can expect him to do is to take your dental history. This step will not be required if you have a regular dentist as he already knows everything about you and does not need any introductions. A new dentist, however, will ask all sorts of questions regarding any of your previous Kelowna dentists visits at dentist.kelowna-bc.ca and whether you have had any dental problems or are currently suffering from any. This is the part where you get to openly talk to your dentist and share any concerns that you may have.

Teeth cleaning
By using various tools, your dentist will be able to thoroughly clean your teeth, which include cleaning your gums, the gum lines, and the teeth themselves. The cleaning process will remove all bacteria, tartar and plaque buildup. It will also eliminate the chances of you getting any cavities, gum diseases, and bad breath. It will ensure that your mouth stays healthy and clean. Some dentists also polish your teeth while they are cleaning your mouth; this process will help you achieve whiter teeth.

Teeth examination
After your teeth have been cleaned, a dentist will start his examination of your teeth and mouth. Using his angled mirror, the dentist will check for any cavities that might be building up and signs of gum disease or any other problems that might be occurring in your mouth. Once the dentist is fully satisfied with the health of your mouth, he will end his examination. However, if he finds any problems, he will recommend a solution to you.

Getting an X-ray of your teeth is necessary as this will allow the dentist to check inside your gums and see whether there are any issues prevalent there. The dentist will check the positioning of the teeth, their roots, and your jaw bones, and look for cysts or tumors. Dentists have now shifted to using digital X-rays, which means that lesser radiation is emitted and the process is quick. It also allows the dentist to store the machine inside his office easily.

After your dentist has completed all the above steps, he will then take his time discussing what he witnessed inside your mouth. He will tell you if there were any problems and how they will handle it. He will also give you advice on how to take proper care of your teeth so that they remain healthy and your mouth remains problem-free. He will also recommend when you should book your next appointment with him.