The When and How Carpet Cleaning

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jill-marinCarpets provide additional comfort and beauty in our homes. After a quick vacuum we feel confident that the vacuum is now clean but how about the things that cannot be seen in our naked eye? In this light, you are about to unveil the truth on what is really in those fibers.

Sand and Dirt
Pets and children are two major carriers of these components inside the house. Because of accumulated sand and dirt, an average carpet can weigh up to 10 times its original weight. Now who says vacuuming is enough? It isn’t, but only cleans the surface layer of the carpet.

Dust Mites and Dander
The number of heads and pets you have at home will determine how many pounds of flesh you have residing in your carpet. Every year human and pets shed skin over a pounds each day which contains dust mites, dander and other organic material. Literally, pounds of flesh are trapped in your carpet.

Pollen, spores and more
Dust, pollen, mold and spores are carried by pets and human. These small particles are present in your home as well as air vents. Use HEPA filter to reduce the presence of air born particles at home at the same time preventing them from getting trapped into the fiber.

Food and drink spills, pet stains like urine causes the growth of bacteria. One of the most common signs of bacteria is odor. But even if the area is not stained or spilled, bacteria can sill grow, thus, it is necessary to have your carpet undergo a thorough cleaning process.

Toxic chemicals
Carpets contain different chemical compounds from its manufacturing process down to market distribution. In addition, these toxic chemicals can be acquired through carpet cleaning services that use toxic cleaning solutions. If these toxic components linger in the fiber for a long time, it can cause allergies, eye irritation, headaches, breathing problem and other health issues.

Extra Stain Removal Methods
Carpet stains come in different types, causes that may need extensive treatments such as red stains could be from dye wax, dye from ink, nail polish, hair dye and paint.

There are different scenarios to note in helping us determine if carpet repair is necessary or a combination of repair and staining process is needed:

  1. Bleach stains, are unalterable so carpet repair or re-drying process is not necessary.
  2. Stains that return after an effective carpet cleaning. This is also called “re-appearing stain” because the stain stays in the carpet padding and resurfacing through the back of the carpet.
  3. Odor remediation, this scenario requires various forms of carpet repair because odors affect the carpet, padding and sub floor.

Do not risk your health as well as your family. It is now time to seek the help of a qualified carpet cleaning service provider. Better ask them for the assurance that they are using non toxic and environment friendly cleaning products. Not only will they clean your carpet but enhance the air quality in your abode.